Hevean By Her Side (Dedicated to my only love)

As I am feeling a little down at the moment, i am seeking something to make cheer up, so i looked at my recent life, to find the beautiful things in it that makes it perfect, so i closed my eyes and started to rewind the film containing my recent life events.

As much as the passing year really was bad, yet at the end of it i was blessed with a gift that at first i didn't believe that God can grant me such a gift, for i surely wished for it but never thought that a day will come soon that i would find my self having my long life's dream, the gift was her, a coincidence united us and as soon as laid eyes on her, wow that moment it felt like as if i had a glimpse of heaven,but yet as i was getting to know my ultimate love i was still in shock that it was only a dream, that i will wake up soon and find that my life is still as empty as ever and as plain, but it wasn't a dream, it was a break for the light right out of the darkness a light came, i felt like i am experiencing the creation of the universe as God said let there be light, and the darkness has split into day and night, as if i was living that moment.

and from that day forward, i was happy even when sadness over comes me sometimes still it wasn't significant, and later when i was untied with her under Gods words i felt life was a grant for this gift, after this i put my hand in hers, and together we started a journey that many took before, the road was bumpy, and we had to overcome many obstacles but yet with me and her at my side, i knew that no matter what happens it will be OK, that we are stronger than it, and that we will over come it, as i saw even the tiny disagreements between us made me smile because they were perfect, i knew that disagreements will always happen, yet my love to her
and her to me i knew is stronger than all the obstacles that we had overcome so far and that it is stronger than anything that will come later on.

it is a bliss to be united with someone whom we love, i smile as i am watching the wonderful movie of my past few months with her, and a tear drop ran out of my eyes, i admit that she changed me into a better person, and that she made me feel things i never used to feel, like fear of anything to happen that will cause her harm even a mosquito bite, aah i like it here in heaven and hope that everyone i know and love will be here someplace, dedicated to you my love from now till the end of time i love you.


Sustanon said…
Great post, thanks for sharing.
eliahajelias said…
thank you very much, glad you liked it.

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