IPhone Unlock Stopped Working, Phones Are Useless, Unless!!


All Unlocked Iphones are inoperable as Apple has proclaimed earlier because of the firmware update issued by Apple thus causing all unlocked Iphones to stop working permanently after the upgrade to the new firmware is installed on the IPhone, based on a BBC article.

This proclamation proved to be true after the new Firmware Update 1.1.1 was issued and installed on several phones that are now bricked and since the software was tampered with in the first place the warranty is void unlike all the Arabian suppliers proclamations that the device is unlocked and sold with warranty, now there is a solution for this problem, that is easy to be done.

As I'm interested in this issue I researched more to it and here is what I found, the phones will only brick if they are upgraded, so if you have an unlocked IPhone and you want to stay that way don't upgrade the firmware to 1.1.1 this will cause your device to lock, even if your downgrade it to 1.0.2 it will remain locked as Apple in the new firmware found a way to prevent the locking software from functioning and changes the imei of the phone in the device's OS, not only this the phone will seize to function even if its locked, open source developers are working on a solution for this problem now, how to prevent the upgrade, simply ignore itunes requests for upgrades for the phone software and disable the auto check.

so enjoy your Iphones on the old software upgrade and don't upgrade it, everyone knew that unlocking the IPhone will come under extreme conditions, as macintosh developers are not many and the whole IPhone OS is new idea, unlike windows mobile which is totally customizable and for now proving more reliable than the IPhone.

so if you have a brand new IPhone with the new firmware and want to unlock it there are ways to do so, I can provide them to you, so if you interested please place your request and I'll send you the software and the way to do it, and totally free.

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bakka said…
poor apple fanboys!
.. or not! haha
Tone said…
Can you auto sync a version of the iphone running 1.0.2 with itunes without auto-updating to firmware version 1.1.1 (I have set itunes not to auto-update but did this post release of v1.1.1)

I want to connect so that I can transfer music but am unsure of the implications
Abu Gaby said…
yes sure you can its quite simple

just turn the auto update off
i just unlocked an IPhone today containing firmware 1.0.2 and now i'm working on a briked iphone wish me luck
Tone said…
But what if it uploads the new firmware before I can turn off the auto upload function? or will it ask me prior to installing?
Abu Gaby said…
it will ask you prior to installing and when it starts downloading the new firmware you can simply cancel the download
Patel said…
ok i think i had same problem, though it happened accidentally. but is that any solution to that? as you have stated in your comment can you provide me the like to that software which can help me to do that?
Abu Gaby said…
you can visit http://wakotech.blogspot.com and you'll find all what you need
I’ve recently jailbroke & unlocked 2 3G Iphones with bootloader 6.0 and baseband 2.30. I have basically taken the steps from your blog, however I was not aware of the bootloader issue at the time.
Abu Gaby said…
well you can even unlock the new bootloader if it is still at 2.30 even if it is 3.1.3 but i would stay away of 3.1.3 because of the baseband upgrade i can provide you with the link if you like
junior02 said…
To Abu Gaby; need to unlock my iphone 3.1.3, upgraded it by mistake via Itune.... can you help or send me the appropriate software to mariokaram@hotmail.com
really appreciate your help
Abu Gaby said…
@junior02 i am sorry to say that you'll have to wait I think till june because 3.1.3 JB is not released to public yet but available and the DevTeam are waiting for iPhone OS 4.0 to be released before releasing the 3.1.3 jailbreak.

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