It Is Clear

Well it has been so long since I wrote anything , my head was clouded with many things, things that kept me from being able to organize what lies in the curls of my brain, yet it had cleared out today, or to be exact maybe yesterday.

In the last 8 months I have been caught in a typhoon of emotions and ciaos and preparations , it was joyful and tiring, but my mind was always seeking things that I couldn’t share with anyone, and there was one thing that I was looking for and a few minutes ago I found out what it is, a thought or an idea that I was so desperate to find, finally I found it.

In this moment of clarity I found the images and the glimpse that brought a smile on my face a smile like no other, a smile that is caused by one reason, my love she caused it, can we really describe the one we chose to spend the rest of our lives with? Well we can’t because we can’t see the bad things, to us the bad are good and we don’t want to lose any bit of it.

My Love, she is funny, I enjoy our jokes and her laugh, she different kinds of laughs but there is one for my jokes, one for me that is the one I am talking about it has a special ring to it, her eyes I adore, even when she tries to make me feel guilty oh that moment in kind of a baby’s sensation and when she uses her sad puppy face, the way she cares about me and fears over my well being makes me feel that I own the world.

I don’t know what not to write about I wish I have meet her years before, but yet I believe that when the time was right and my turn was due, God chose to give me his blessing in the most beautiful form, I keep imagining what will happen after 10 days, the day two become one, I can’t imagine my happiness, I want it to be so perfect, and I wanted it to be so special, I was seeking an idea to make it extra special an idea to show what is inside me to show her what is inside me and I found it, in 10 days from this date.

To you my love a day will never be forgotten, a day were you will rule the world, you already are the queen of my heart and you’ll always be, I wish there are better words to say it but there are none I LOVE YOU, from all my heart and from all my soul, from every part of me, in mind and in heart.


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jason said…
Cool! thanks for that info. I looked and looked for someone who shared the same opinions and finally found it on your post. Thanks! Good writing by the way!
Sanum Shaikh said…
I appreciate your love .. :) may ALLAH bless you and your love
Abu Gaby said…
thank you for your comment may Allah bless us all
anadrol said…
Wonderful post! True love is so powerful feeling, so hard to describe...

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