It Started With a Beat

lately in a place inside me I found a peculiar new sound, and a feeling that at first hurts but then becomes the most wonderful of all time, it was a beat from a heart that for too long was decaying and dieing, yet it beats with a new rhythm, catching me off guard, and sending this new sensation into my body.

In the light of this newly found sensation, I started to search for the cause of this, and it didn't take me too long to find that it was a look of an eye that steered this new rhythm in me, it gave me feelings that long were forgotten, happiness, content, safety, and warmth, it restored a faith that long ago died, those eyes that pierced me, and gave my heart and electric shock to beat again, yet that wasn't all.

I found that it also started making those feelings grow, and strengthen with every look, it made me change my views toward the way I saw life and the way I got to believe is right in relationships, it earned my trust, and made the first beat become many, that a heart regenerated and became whole again with parts of her in it, to fill the rotten and missing parts.

it gave me a new faith in life being good, that people can be trusted, that someone can be loved with all my parts, it gave me a new commitment, a commitment by heart, a connection that is powerful and strong, and filled me with light to thwart (defeat) the residing darkness that filled me once.

a restored hope that tomorrow is bright, that a day will come when everything will be perfect again, made me look forward toward life in a new meaning and a new light, a new goal, and purpose, she gave me the reason to look forward to be perfect, to know how to cherish a person that I have no blood connection with, a person to be held dear and close to me, a reason to challenge life to reach her eyes, at the end she started it all with a look of her eyes and continued to nurture it with her love, kindness, and care, an unbiased care and love toward me, sometimes a chance comes our way that within it and for no apparent reason we find the ONE, and I found mine, and for her I am devoted forever.


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