Finally A Smile Surfaces - Dedicated to an Angel

When do people really smile? I always wondered till this moment, my own true smile came out, for each has his reason for smiling, as for me my smile came out when I found her.

It has been so long since I last smiled a true one since I was living my days in darkness, but now I found the light again in her eyes, the curious thing is now this light is so strong that even if I don't reach it, I know that I will never see darkness again because her light filled me for eternity her smile alone gave me happiness I forgot, I declare her to be my one and only for in her I found everything and in so I dedicate this piece.

When i looked into her eyes i found that i was lost in their depth, and after a while my lips started to move into a shape that i long gone has forgotten existed, a smile surfacing from the depth of me, a place that was hollow and dead, but now there is something different, that place is no longer decaying, but on the contrary reviving, she is nurturing it with her warmth and kindness giving it strength and life.

I knew from that look that the time has come for the darkness to know the light, and the for me to know the warmth again, i will cherish that moment of warmth for the end of days and live it through in my life and after it ends, for this kind of warmth is never known but felt, i wish that i could give her the world and the heavens, and i will give her what ever i posses not of decaying materials but of feelings and care, and security.


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