A Stream of Thoughts

I am sitting infront of my screen strugling for a siphon for my thoughts that i wished for that vessel that appears in Harry Potters story's the pensive and a magic wand to put my thoughts in that vessel and see, comprehend their meaning and clear my head that stays spinning 24/7.

a realization for the state I'm in is what hit me, that every human on this earth, well not everyone but most of them face, is the non-realization of tomorrow, and the wish for them to happen, as some of us have reached that phase of stablity and trying to maintain it.

What is it that bother us I think?

well to tell the truth what bothers most of us is that we don't achieve the stability in life that we yearn for, the ultimate stability I mean each step makes us closer to reach it, first we start by building the necessary elements, solid financial foundation, the other half, and the rest.

yet most of us are trying to reach one then the next and in vein, financially we can achieve it, as I think that no one who works hard enough to reach a goal can't reach it, but as for the other part which involves someone else that is the hardest of all.

see having a partner that can understand us and be equal in thought is hard, because we can control our thinking yet we can't control others, and life is getting so complex so what we can do?

A question that we always reach at some point and with the other million questions of everyday life, we get the jumble rumble of thoughts that makes our heads ache every night, all we can do is wait for something to trigger that stability and achieve that piece of mind, for me I am still caught in the rumble, and till when I don't know, as everyone and as always.


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