Final destination of the heart

I close my eyes each night, with a million idea's swirling in my head, filled with depression and hopes that long were lost, lost in the day I came to be.

The straw that a heart was gripping on dearly, for one last shot at survival had broken, alas leaving it to drown in a sea of a darkness where no hopes or dreams could survive, it sank thinking in its last moments of any hope that it wished for achieved, again another heart it was going to the grave yard of hearts, for the beating in it no longer came, for desire to beat has long seized and demolished, looking around it for all the hearts that got free and their deepest desires came to be, it wondered yet new that the time has come, beside the dead it shall lie free of everything that gives a reason to beaten torn apart from all the wounds and slashes that desperately it tried to mend and fix, finally no more fixing, and with the dirts of darkness eating through it it shall not need again to know or see.

Comments said…
well hun instead of see you meant sea
and i love it, it describes a lot of how i feel ^_^
Anonymous said…
Amazing design! Way to go... Keep it up... Best of luck Elia

Abu Gaby said…
Well i wrote it on my BlackBerry that is why it has such spelling mistakes fixed it now :) thx for your comment.

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