The cry of a lonely soul

Sitting there in his house alone, facing a cracking fire reflecting the pale face that was carved upon by the sorrows of daily life, hunched on a rug that reflected his shadow and the colors of the cracking fire, as if a painted master piece of what was going on inside his chest, fire of sadness eating through him.

A drop of tear staining that painting came falling like the start of rain to wash out what distrucrtion was left by the fire and what it claimed, yet in a moment of elevation and after a couple drinks his soul came out, and its tear was it, telling him that loneliness is what filled him, killing joy in him, with a wave of a hand he dismissed the voice of his soul because as much as he knew it is true, he doesn't wish to hear, bitterness filling his veins looking at his soul and saying your words have no place here.

The soul stooped down on the carrier that it lived in all these years, asking what in your heart that you don't wish to hear, a hollow answer came as if an echo of a distant sound, my heart in a grave it lies as my chest no longer bears, heavy it became and wounded, the soul cried as it had no one other soul near to help it in its attempts to cheer, and understood very clear what he has locked in.

So with a painful cry, a question rang for life to hear, why thee mighty life loneliness was gifted to me? Life had an answer but chose no to given but answered in time it will be that what thee seek is granted, and the soul looked around it for the other souls that it had the joy to be connected to and found out that even though now they have other souls attached to them that it no longer could know which is the ones it knew from their other part as they were so connected, so it sat down near its carrier and cried still hunched gave the soul a drink and said to life you went seeking an answer yet here you ly crying beside me.


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