The Conspiracy

Conspiracy as defined is: an act of two or more persons, conspirators, working in secret to obtain some goal, usually understood with negative connotations, yet I am talking about another kind of conspiracy, the conspiracy of life, once i read that when a person wants something so bad everything conspires with him to achieve that goal.

yet in real everyday life that is not entirely true, as we have to work hard and pursue our goals, and dreams, just then life will conspire with us with all its elements to help us achieve what we desire, but as we go deeper and get closer to our goal we find that the obsticals facing us are becoming bigger and harder, and sometimes makes us want to stop, and drop it, is that the right choice?

well in my opinion we should try till the last breath we have to achieve our desires and not give up, to try every possible solution or method to achieve our goal, because there is always an element on our side in this life to help us achieve what we yearn to, what is the biggest goal that people try to achieve?

in my opinion the biggest goal in life for every person is to achieve stability, our treasure, whether it is in work, or in relationships, or anything, the keyword is stability, on a personal level i found a goal lately that i wish i could achieve and i am trying and removing obsticals as i go, yet i came to my first big one and now it is to find a way to remove it, it all revolves around not giving up, if we want something we should reach out and grab it, there is no fear involved, just as it is said lock on the target and shoot, it doesn't matter if you miss or not, what matters is that you tried and never will come a day that you will say to yourself i wish i tried harder, or did i do everything i could?


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