A heart with a lot to deal

Well in the night, while the wheels of my brain spin, restless, and endless in many dwellings of my life, dwellings that hold no answer, I write, what happens to the troubled mind that is lost in darkness to swallow, to a heart beaten by time, till life no longer beholds, I write these words;

A heart fallen in darkness
eyes forgotten the meaning of sleep
loneliness crawling again with claws
in darkness filled to scratch a heart
that light has once again touched
love a word that has all meaning
and no meaning it beholds sometimes
for in a dieing heart it tries to revive
from aches like a phoenix revives from aches
but a heart when burnt by a love untrue
no revival in the world shall come true
a heart filled with tears
of loneliness a killer it fears
yet dead many times crystal clear
have wounded heart couldn't bear one more tear


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