Inside a Coffin

He woke up one Day to find himself inside a coffin, it was dark, but when he looked around he found a window to look through the coffin, he was freaked out of the place he was in, and a window in a coffin freaked him out even more.

in his panic his mind made him look in the window for comfort that there was something to be viewed, that he isn't dead yet, when he looked out he was astonished about what he saw he saw himself in his normal every day life walking around and about, yet he was wondering how could it be that he is in the coffin and outside the window as well.

the answer came to him like a blast, what was looking out was his trapped soul inside him, a soul that was feeling lonely as ever, with no comfort, yearning to leave the cage that by time has become a coffin, buried under the thousands of tries to live again to feel love. there was something else with it beating against the cold insides of the coffin, the soul shifted apart to see what was it that was making all that beating, and found out what it was, shining and warm, an abandoned heart, crying out blood for its imprisonment.

The soul asked the heart why are you here? the heart answered, I'm a lost heart fr the guy that you feed life, i have the love he seeks and which frees us both, the soul started to get confused and asked the heart then how is it that you are here with me, the heart answered, his experiences in life made him lock us down like this, first it was a cage that we could breath from then, experience after experience built this around us, the soul no felt fear real fear of being locked away, and pleaded to the heart of the way out, the heart in grief and tears of blood carrying in it, every feeling of sorrow, wept and said that there is only one key for this coffin and went quite, the soul as it has hope always said that that is good where is the key? the heart answered: the key is with someone a girl that he knows not, that he has been seeking for so long. but yet has not found, this one has the key to give us freedom, for she has the power of delivering us from this darkness.

after a long pause and watching through the window, and feeling the agony in which thee lived in, the soul asked the heart what is this key you speak of, the heart said love, pure and simple that has no other intention to it but to love back, so what can we do to help the soul asked, and the heart sighed and said all we can do is wait for life to let thee cross the path of that one, see he had many other hearts in him that lead him astray, while i was trapped here with you, though you were asleep, and each one of these hearts got death and a shocking experience that killed it, and buried us further, so all we can do is wait for someday one will come holding a key that will set us free.


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