Its been so long that I wrote, been so much going into my life, but I’m back.

Every day from our lives we face contradictions, but the most fascinating ones in my opinion are the ones when people contradicts themselves, when they are convinced with the vice and versus at the same time, this I never could comprehend, how could someone have two opposite opinions at the same time, and on the same subject?

Well u have been facing a lot of those lately, contradictions in desires, in fears, in love, in everything, my only conclusion for this that people tend to fear to chose wrong, so they try to take both sides of the equation at the same time, they are the ying and yang.

I imagine them like people arguing both sides but with the absence of the basic element of argument, to have two persons, each with a different opinion, because in this situation both persons are one arguing one’s self, like playing the heads and tails of the same coin.

The most contradiction happen within any person is the argument between one’s heart and one’s mind, logic VS. Emotions, this battle is the one battle that has no end and no winner, but still most people decide to take one side over the other.

I just wonder how people could contradict themselves?


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