Vista What A Drag

Well today I was thinking of what microsoft did really when they introduced vista, and I came to the realization that they just gave end-users a big headache.

well think about it this way, when microsoft introduced XP it was smoother to go from any version to XP, and it didn't take long that many users had XP installed and running on their devices.

well to think about the why behind that, is XP didn't require me to throw my old pc away and get a pc with much higher budget, because of hardware specs, there is a major difference between XP and older versions, although XP is not what you say a great OS but its good and does its purpose, not to mention that i wont have to wonder what - lets call it model - of XP to get, Home or Professional and later they introduced media center edition which supports more entertainment utilities, and hardware.

whereas to go to vista, we have many kinds, starter,home, home premium, business, enterprise, and ultimate, that is if microsoft doesn't give use another edition soon, why not have a home and a professional, or does they like the glamor that they have one full featured edition and like 6 other with features cut from the full one, and the ultimate coasts for one user license 400$, thats 3 XP professional licenses, well do i get my money's worth?

no you don't what you get is a replica of the features that where years existing in MAC OS such as the widgets oh sorry they call it gadgets in vista that makes a difference, not to mention that vista takes a lot of space, and uses all your ram if you have 2GB or less, well I will talk no further but one last thing if its such a wonderful system how come with in a year a service pack is available, and many many fixes.


Bakkouz said…
Evne though i do agree you with a bit on the issue of vista, I don't see why you don't consider XP a great OS, its Microsoft's best OS to date, its highly flexible, very easy to use and customize and its very user friendly.

I'm not sure about Mac since i havn't used one yet, but I've tried all kinds of Linux distros and i always go back to XP.
Abu Gaby said…
Well I don't think think Xp is a great os, its a good os, but has many many known issues, guess using other OSes made me see them clearly, i think linux is better but the problem with linux is the library dependencies when you need to activate the simplest things like a video codec and i used mac os but older version not leopard and sure is better than microsoft especially for graphics.
Zifta is the worst OS I've ever had enduere..It sucks!
But,XP wasn't really all that great when it was launched. Only after SP2 did it become good (enough)
I remember going over miles of debate how XP is better than win98 and people will still not believe me

I hope vista SP1 is going to make things better

As for the most stable windows, it was (and still is) Windows 2003 server. but who runs server :)?

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