Ruptured Soul of Shattered Hopes

Hopes are fragile, the most gentle hit will shatter them to pieces, millions of pieces rupturing and cutting through the soul having these hopes, bleeding it, mutilating it, giving it a scare till the end of its days on this earth, there is no protection, because we build these hopes.

everyday when we wake up we build new hopes, most end up bashed, whats the most thing we all hope for? some may say wealth, others will say good job, many also say power, but yet everyone knows its company, of special person, one is enough, this is the greatest hope, that we keep building, that keeps getting shattered.

in shattered hopes a soul showers
cutting and bruising till redeemed with no powers
no healing, bleeding for days and hours
building new hopes that shatters

till one day a hope in wholeness maintained
that will over rule all what was bruised and pained
a heal what was cut when it rained
a soul scared but with new beauty will be gained

so do we stop hoping? if we still have the power we should continue, the soul's scares will remain, and by not hoping, what is there to gain, but death to a soul deprived from the only thing that might make it whole again, i say this not sure, as i wrote before a battle might occur, spreading winter in lands that never of thus knew.

each one of us got a ruptured soul, because of shattered hopes that broke in a moment that was unexpected, but and there always is a but, i know of souls that became whole again, after waiting so long in the cold, a dilemma that each and everyone of us has to face alone, yet that is unique for each one and only for that one alone to face.


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