Open Book Yet Complex Reading

Well many when they take a glance at any open book lying there over the table, or any place tend to read some of its words, even if the have no interest at all in reading, just out of pure human curiosity, yet when someone wants to read a certain book and finds it open in front of him/her, they never think for a second.

well if we can imagine people as books, some are easy to read, some are complex, some are boring, some are exciting, others closed cover with a lock, yet some are open books that are easy to read yet complex to understand, that we can read them then get lost in trying to understand the idea behind them, for some reason we think that we understand, yet when we read it again, we find it weird that we missed many spots of hidden information and realizations.

a lot of people are open books, but really so hard to be understood, they are exciting to be read, because they propose some kind of challenge, to ourselves, but the simplicity of the information these books tell are hard to the mind to understand, so we don't accept them, and flaw them of being complex.

the weird thing is that a few people are open books, and the majority are closed locked ones, that open for whom they choose to let them read, so for this not many like them and only who are chosen to read them understand.

so this makes me come to a question what kind of book am I? well I thought it over many times, with me i don't tend to hide anything, what you see is what you get, yet a lot of people don't understand me, some are trying to, and some already did, there are some chapters in this book that people, tend to dismiss all in all, such as tying to help without personal gain, i found myself in this kind of books, maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that I'm right.


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