What true love is?

A lot of time I've spent trying to discover this subject but today as my younger bro got back with his wife from their honey moon i could put what long i thought of in words.

Love is getting lost in your partners eyes, its every touch that makes you think heaven got to be on earth and your living in it, every kiss that makes you want to give to this person for ever, every laugh that you want to share with only one, every smile that many meanings would hide because that one is by your side, every hug that is not a hug unless it was with this one.

true love is losing every dimension of the 4 the x,y and z and time because of being beside someone that eternity your willing to share, that life and everything seems so pointless compared to one simple smile of them, that losing control is not a big deal when it is for them, that time and space seems to stop.

Love is when agony becomes joy for the one, when hurt become blessing for the one, when life seize to be unless the one was beside you, when thoughts are no longer important, and future is clear and built for the one, when life like roses blossom, and dreams in reality blends, and come true, when every smell and every glimpse show you only one, when closing your eyes or opening them you see only one, when happiness is craved for only one, when body is preserved for only one, thats true love in my opinion, this is what hugs say, this is what smiles say, this is what kisses tell, this is what hope is all about a passion beyond dreaming yet reachable and near for seeking.

This is true love the one that i see is true, what many on this earth are craving for yet many settle for less, i had these thoughts for so long that when i saw true love they came to be in words, and in writing i could put and in description i could say, love till the world the world ends, love till everything blends, love for real because love is nothing but the biggest deal, its innocent as a child's smile yet so brilliant like a sparkling star.


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