What Girls Think, What Guys Think, And What Truely Is Wanted?

Well if we look at our daily lives we find the clash of sexes is the major aspect, a lot of the time it is anyways, but why? well because both doesn't understand what the other wants, which gets me to what I'm going to write, and what made me write it is that in the last couple of weeks, the object was open a lot and debated, so here is what I think, without taking parts, and this is my own opinion which maybe wrong, you may tell me its rubbish what they keep yapping about, well you don't need to care, its yapping to you but important to her, so show interest.

Ladies first, girls tend to think that all what guys care about is the looks, a girl with sexy body and beautiful is surely to attract any guy, as they think, they also think that guys initial thinking is about sex, or showing off, and they also generalize that guys are pigs, when they experience a break up with a loved one, many say they don't but when facing the situation they do. If a player is what your seeking the above is totally true, but if a real thing is sought I'm sorry to say that your mistaken.

Well for initial attraction looks can play a major role, but after the first infatuation has passed by, and talking about real men not players, guys tend to turn their heads to examine the most important thing which is the girls personality, yes many guys say it without meaning it, but most of the guys really do mean it, i don't underestimate the value of looks, yet the important thing for a guy is personality, and looks comes afterwards, a lot of girls ask themselves am i not pretty enough well its a wrong question, what should be asked is do i have the write personality for this match, well to my second part guys initial thinking is not in sex if he is seeking the real deal, no sometimes later on they tend to go to this direction as instinct drives them to experience love and the forbidden in our Arabian culture, girls also, for after all we are humans and we have needs the gender doesn't control this really, and to say this not all guys are jerks even those who break up with a loved one after a long relationship, for the reason might be a girls mistake.

Guys, they tend to think that if he has the coolest ride, the good looks, and the social status, any girl would die to be with him, and they tend to think that if a girl showed the slightest interest in talking to him that he got her in the bag, and goes around bragging about it, some if they break up with a girl, all the girls of the world become - sorry for the use of words but it is what is commonly used - "Bitches", and guys also tend to think that girls one the macho man the guy who can be the top in everything, well they are wrong, you have to be the top in one thing, the last thing guys tend to get wrong, is that if a girl kisses, hugs, or any other thing, she is no use and not "A Good Girl".

Well for the initial attraction the looks and the status usually draws attention toward the guy, but that's it, its not bases to a good relation nor bases that your Casanova, not every girl that show interest in you wants to be with you and can't live without you, they can drop you like yesterdays laundry, you didn't win her, so stop bragging and get real, if you break up with a girl maybe and take a second to think about it without your ego controlling you that u were a jerk and for sure that not all girls are the same, as for what girls want the guy to be in best, its simple to be a good listener a good supporter, well they even settle for someone who can pretend to listen, this is the main thing they want, not all girls are collected from the street some kiss, hug, or anything else because they love, and want to show how much they do.

take a seat and think which type you are, I don't claim to be the expert but these are some of the things i learned about this subject, and i wrote it down, so my best advice if you fit in the "What -- Think" section you should try to become a "What Truly Wanted" section.


Hani Obaid said…
"guys tend to turn their heads to examine the most important thing which is the girls personality"

Exactly. I've met women I didn't find attractive at all, until i got to know them well enough. The male mind is strange that way.

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