Need For Speed Pro Street - First Impression

well yesterday i bought a PS2 for my brother as a gift and I also bought some games for me, one which I adore as I finished GOD of WAR I i got II yesterday and Need For Speed Pro Street as I have all the series and played them all and adored them.

well my initial impression for Pro Street is bad the car's handling sux, you can't choose your first car as in the previous versions, and there is no free roaming in the streets, no police chases, nothing, well so far i don't like it, watch the trailer and I intend to play it again next weekend and to see maybe I'm mistaken and i didn't give the game a fair chance, till then I'm going to play God of War II.


bakkouz said…
That is exactly what i said in my review 9 days ago also, its horrible, i didn't like it at all, here's my post:

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