Lonely At The Shores

Well a couple of days ago I went to meet my family, after i finished work, in the dead sea, and i craved a smoke, so i took my wine and went to sit at the beach shore, I lit up my smoke and sipped from my wine, and closed my eyes to drift in thought.

At that moment i felt lonelier than ever in my life, i sought what's missing, and it was a gentle hug by my side at that place, a warm breath down my neck, a whisper in my ear, a couple of eyes to be lost in, a heart beat to respond to the beats of my own heart, a gentle hand to run through my hair, a gentle kiss to warm me up alongside that wine.

I inhaled another puff of smoke and exhaled it slowly, what is it that i'm missing combining these feeling i wished for, it was companionship but not just any companionship, a companionship of love, we all crave such feelings, if these feelings can be categorized they will go under love.

with each wave hitting the shores
the sounds of a wailing monster that is calm and cold
roaring with laughter
yet in a whisper it told
of a wounded heart a deprived sole
yet tears will not exist and with in you, behold

see these waves smoothing the rocks at the shores
like a miner digging the earth for precious gold
i'm immortal
that many a monster called
you know me
for in you long I rolled
and with you
I became like a piece of mold

this is what lonely told me at the shores in a whisper most like thunder, that will strike fear and despair in many of whom would hear it, yet to me i remained, for dead inside I am, I feel yes but pain taught me well, and i saw a lot, so i answered, in a low voice.

Bold as you may be
The wrong man you came to see
you've been with me too long
and with pain you had filled me

Monster to me your not
for long time you stung me like a killing bee
you stung deep and hard
till you became a part of me

yet many i saw conquering you
like salt conquered the life in this sea
finding an antidote
to the venom you inject in thee

as i said saw i got confused for i know that my words are true but inside me loneliness conquered and destroyed, yet who knows someone with the right antidote might one day come to me, and cure me, for this i long and i'll always seek, many i meet that didn't understand me, i helped them and then set them free, they might not see now of what i spoke and taught but from this i tried to protect them, one day they'll come back after they see, and try to thank me, yet i don't know if they'll find me, for my path is dark, and one day i just might not be able to keep going and wither to the darkness, that will eat me up, i pray for it not happen yet i don't really know, all i know is that a lot out there feel like me, i pray for them also not to see what i see.


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