How To Treat Her And Treat Him


Well, it's an intriguing topic that many miss the fundamentals in treating one another, so here is what how I think people should treat one another who are in a relationship and want to perfect it, I don't say that problems will not occur if you do this but at least this is how I think could be solved or minimized, this solely my point of view in the matter and by no means implication that others opinions are wrong.

To start with "How to Treat Her", most guys stand perplexed in not knowing how to treat their beloved one, specially in situations of unknown depression, sadness, or anger, guys tend to think that they did wrong, or to ignore it all together, or to push for the reason that might not exist, for instance many girls tend to be sensitive and moody in a certain time in the month, and instead of pushing her in that time, all she asks you to is to endure her moody atmosphere and stand beside her without complicating things or pushing to know a logical reason, sometimes a gentle touch can say all there is to say about comfort and kindness.

The other thing is sometimes girls need their own thinking space, or as I like to call it the "her time", during this time, all she needs a small hug, to be there beside her but from a distance just letting her know that your still there by her side without butting in.

Other things a guy should always do, never put down her self-esteem, how? never tell her she needs to lose weight she is fat, even if she has some extra weight support her, in her worst moments tell her she is beautiful although she might not feel that, you'll be sincere in saying it because it is how you always see her no matter if she has a bad hair day, or anything else, always try to minimize your use of words to comfort her a hug, a kiss on the forehead, a play with her hair, or a kind look will speak a thousand words of I'm here or I love you, or I support you, or you can count on me, and many other things of the same sort, if she cries hold her to your chest, wipe her tears, and say no words for what you need to say is already known and all what is needed is she to feel safe.

Moving to "How to Treat Him" girls don't always understand the jealousy part of guys when it comes to male friends and tend to throw the cause on lack of trust, well this is not it, guys no matter how much they are secure and trusty of their girl always feel threatened from other guys when it comes to his loved one, its a kind of native instinct rising to the surface, he has to be the alpha male, guys hate when their girls don't tell him about contacting other male friends especially ex-boyfriends, even in friendship zone girls mistake here by not telling because they don't want to hurt him, well always tell him, he might be pissed momentarily but it will go with some comfort and reassuring, but if you don't and he finds out from somewhere else it bad, for he'll feel betrayed, guys always prefer to know even if it hurts.

what else you should do, guys are like babies when it comes to being between the hands of their beloved ones, they like the hair play, the sweet squeeze, the touching of his face, the look of "your my only one", resting his head on her lap, when he have a problem try to offer to help if he refuses don't push it, just give him a hug and hold his hand and show your support, because at that moment he wants to solve things himself, guys always try to prove things to themselves to assure their ability.

When guys get angry all what needs to be done, is a smile and "I didn't mean it" or "a forget it word, don't let it upset you" if your not the cause, a smile a laugh a cuddle, its all that is needed to make your presence known.

In the end I say simple things work better sometimes, well most of the time, so don't complicate things and may love fill you.


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