Hackers: unlock, jailbreak iPhone v1.1.2 [u]

Less than 24 hours after it was first available, hackers claim to have found a way to unlock the latest iPhone v1.1.2 for use on any GSM-based mobile carrier network. The software/firmware update (for both the iPhone and iPod touch), which was placed on Apple's servers last night and shipped with iPhones in the UK and Germany, brought a number of changes, bug-fixes, and updates, but also broke previous 'jailbreak' methods that allowed access to the file system and enabled third-party applications to be installed. Update: One site has also posted preliminary instructions for jailbreaking v1.1.2 software (no downgrade required!) for access to the file system and installing third-party applicationsApple has previously warned that its iPhone software updates could damage unlocked iPhones, but users continue to search for ways to use the devices on the carrier network of their choice. Already hackers claim to have found ways to "jailbreak" the latest v1.1.2 software for the iPhone and iPod touch, but have not yet publicly circulated the hack or provided details on the method.While untested, the iPhone Elite dev team says that anySIM v1.2 hack works only with 4.02.13_G baseband version and can be run on 1.0.2, 1.1.1 or the latest 1.1.2 firmware. Other reader reports indicate that the unlock utility may only work with US-based iPhones with software v1.1.2. The unlock hack requires that users download the iPhone v1.1.2 software to an older version -- for which a "jailbreak" method is publicly available. Users can then use the utility to unlock the latest (baseband) firmware and use their iPhone on the network of their choice.The complete 3-step software downgrade for iPhone v1.1.2 users is available on the Web.

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