An Apology to a Human

A dedicated apology I write for a person that represent humanity, in the kindness and devotion, in its goodness, its not an apology of mistakes done, rather an apology for what couldn't be done, a name I shall not mention, because the dedication is known for whom, and the one knows.

I apologize because I couldn't be what you wanted, because i couldn't give what you asked, as it long died, for not forgetting as life taught me never to forget, for the distance I keep so as not to cause you pain later, you stood beside me when no one did, I never forget, a pain i cannot endure to cause you, you were spared, although i caused you lots, but pains of honesty and clarity, can be endured, rather than pains of dedication and no hope, that lasts for life.

I hope someday you'll understand my actions, for I foresaw the future of endless agony if actions are not taken this way.

I don't say I'm a saint for I'm surely not, I make mistakes, but have the courage to admit them, I can't be the cause of your unhappiness, for when a person tastes poison he can't ever poison someone with it, I want you to be free from me.

I cared although i never showed, I felt you yet acted indifferent, for i can't give fake hope and I can't deceive.

Many see me distant these days, maybe I am, but what s buried is better left as is, you caused me pain as well, I never showed, nor ever told, specially you, my limits broken many times, thus to me were kept, an apology I write my last words, because hurt I felt in your words, in your actions from me and caused to me, and i swore a solomn oath that I will not cause nor be hurt, for you hurted me bad, because you didn't understand.

I apologize for not being able to fore fill what you hoped, I apologize.


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