What If? "The One"

What if? a question that we ask ourselves daily I'm going to take this question and connect to another question that is going around in the mind of each and everyone of us, whose the one? the true one.

i found myself thinking its a vast universe, even if we believe that God created a match for every person in this earth what is the way we find that person, what if i already passed by that person in the street, in the coffee shop, in the mall, anywhere and everywhere, what if i miss the one?

an endless question with no answer, some people will say that faith will unite you with the other half, well God always said to us to seek and he shall lead the way but yet we have to seek first, what if again and again and again, no answer and there will never be any answer for this question.

and the more its asked the more it will make us depressed and hurt, and in pain, so why bother with it, because of the human nature, because we seek longing to stability, to feeling secure, to feeling loved, well i wish you all to find the answer on day ;)


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