Wandering in The Realms of The Unknown

In the blurred paths of life, he found himself wandering, unable to see where to go, with each step a new thought, conveying dreams that he knows are far away.

Hopes getting down, one question that have no answer, recurring, and yet blurring the horizon more, he tells himself: "I had plans, everything was clear, but were they fragile more tan crystal? That at the first throw of a stone, they shattered, and to dust converted, they seemed solid enough, hard, and unbreakable".

He continues his walk toward the unknown, not knowing what to seek, nor knowing in which hole he'll fall next, and whether its going to a bless or a curse, would the next step cause him another broken bone, another pint of pain?

Unsure, his vision gets more fogged every step, he is walking, bleeding, all bruised and cut, yet invisible to the eyes, the pain mounting, yet tears are dry, long ago he stopped trying to cry, long ago he stopped trying to fight the pain, for a friend and a companion it became, he lost track.

He said to himself after many steps: "Where did that light go, the light I was following, it was always in front of me, leading my way, my vision was clear, ohh, I get it now, that was the light of hope, right pain?".

Pain who became his only friend now answered him: "As I grew, that light became weaker, for we both can't exist in the same place or time."

He stops, it was long since he last stopped, and looks at pain, and says: "My loneliness is caused by all the secrets I behold, for everything stays in me, and no one can understand or know what I think, for I blocked everything and everyone, but now I know, that I need to fight, to build new instead of dwelling in the past."

He starts to go over every thought, and starts consuming pain, understanding its cause, yet the light doesn't appear, nor his vision clears, and his path remains unknown and fogged, but the spirit of a fighter starts growing.

Paths will stay fogged and vision will stay blurred, and pain will never stop, yet to surrender is the biggest weakness of all, and he has to keep going but with different spirit, no matter the pain or the agony, he will stand strong and keep going.


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