The Unsought But Most Desired

This subject was opened a lot in the past few days, people tend to try and to find everything they want, yet they fail in some of the things they seek, yet they persist on achieving them by finding other ways to do them, to find them, to achieve them.

yet one thing is unsought, and its the most thing that people tend to seek, to run after, to chase, with all possible means necessary, and when they fail, they become pessimistic and all kinds of thoughts tread into their heads, that they are doomed not to find this one thing, that they are doomed to lose this thing for ever, consuming their own hope in denial of the facts presenting themselves in front of them, granting an understanding of the question why? the lost answer.

well the thing that most people seek is love, and its the thing that is unsought, because love doesn't go by the rules of common one way interest, it has many elements that makes it unique, that makes it choose us, that makes it seek us, but it requires us to wait rather than seek it in return, for the harder we seek, the more we fail, the greater the despair becomes, suffocating the hope in us, destroying every dream built on the idea of finding love.

many chose to abandon this particular chase in their lives, and they are the happiest of all, as they are the ones who love finds, for they didn't rush it, yet the waited for love to take its time, to decide the suitable moment to present itself, because when it does there is no running away, no fear, it just happens, no explanation why, well as much as this fact is true, and as much as people desire it and turn a blind eye to the facts.

maybe people do it, to try to ease he pain they feel momentarily, telling themselves I tried, I failed, so I can rest now, but do they really rest, no they just magnified the pain, and magnified the longing to find, just leave it, someday it will come, but when? well if love can be controlled it wont be love it will be common interest.


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