Ramadani Nights Hangout, All are the same

Well I've been thinking for a while now since ramadan started, we all been hammered down by all the invites to Ramadni Hangout's "Ga3dat Ramadanyeh" and everyone claiming in the advertisments that their ramadani nights are more special.

Are they? well no its all the same, singer, cards, and ramadani servings which you pay for whether you want them or not, what makes it so special to hang out every night at a different place, well I have no idea, seems like it's become a tradition , that each ramadan people go out to places every night after they are relieved from fasting and they can eat, to spend their money on nothing, not to mention prices that go sky rocket in these places, why? its ramadan, we serve you 3 kinds of beans which your going to pay for whether you like it or not, even if they taste awful, your going to pay us the entrance fee, although in normal days you don't.

For Heavens sake, and what is more confusing that people actually go out every night to a different place paying loads of money, over the same thing, with the exception of the name of the place and the entrance fees, well I guess its just another controversy of opinions between people about a subject, and in my own opinion its not worth it once a week is fine a change, everyday is just boring.


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