My Experience With IPhone - Verdict: A Good Waste of Money

Well for the last couple of days i was the owner of 2 IPhones that came to my hand, so that I would unlock them for the owner, and I played around with them after I completed their unlock before sending it back, and here are my findings.

The first one came to my hand before yesterday, it had firmware 1.0.2 so i started to unlock it, first I activated the IPhone which was the 8GB version by the way, then I unlocked it and inserted my Umniah sim in it, worked like a charm, I started to navigate through its menu and capabilities, and it was nothing compared to what i expected, a Total Waste of Money in my opinion.
To get started with here is what it lacked:
  1. No MMS functionality at all
  2. No Video Recording
  3. No Voice Recording
  4. No bluetooth file sharing, yeah you can't send files or anything over bluetooth.
  5. Speakers volume is bad
  6. No preferences in the camera, no night mode, nothing at all
  7. The virtual keyboard is hard to interact with if you have Big fingers.
  8. No select all feature anywhere, you want to delete multiple images, do it one by one, or use iTunes
  9. Reception is a little under the weather.
  10. The Settings Menu lacks so much.
  11. Battery Life is like the worst phone ever, in battery life.
  12. No flsh player what so ever.
  13. No all video types are supported, you have to convert them to mp4
  14. No games not even downloadable, so when your board, want to kill time, hey don't think about using that IPhone, you can listen to music only.
  15. The screen gets all smudged up within a few presses, keep a piece of cloth with at all times.
Compare it the Nokia N95i or the upcoming Nokia N95 8GB well the first one is much better and beats the hell out of the IPhone in Features, what it lacks is the memory size which is no longer a problem in the version, and the multi touch screen, which is quite fascinating i have to admit that the IPhone's best feature is the touch screen, and its browser "Safari" nice thing, yet no 3G so all in all put the IPhone's screen on an N95 8GB and you'll have an unbeatable phone, yeah yeah you're going to tell me what about the IPod in it, well by a nano 8GB its cheaper, anyways i think buying the iTouch which is quite similar to the IPhone but lacks the phone, and save yourself a good load of money.

I thought the IPhone was supposed to compete against the windows mobile OS devices, well in my opinion apple have to put loads of extra work on the software of the IPhone to begin to compete, the only advantage the IPhone has over WM devices is the touch screen, not mentioning the browser here because another feature an unlocked IPhone lacks is the applications installation, Apple wants you to buy everything from them, where as WM phones your free to download the opera browser which is awesome and does the same as the safari.

Now the second IPhone Also got it before yesterday was an upgraded unlocked phone which means its bricked unusable, so I downgraded the firmware and re-unlocked, reactivated it, everything worked like a charm but not the phone feature, I started to work on downgrading the baseband "The Phone Firmware to be simple", no luck tried every possible way, even downloaded the core of the phone soft and modified it, still no response, GSM is R.I.P, yet everything else was functioning, so now the owner have an over priced iTouch between his hands.


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