Judging People

Well I found out well actually I've always known it, that people tend to judge each other based on what they heard someone say about a person or the looks of the person, or just a picture of the person sometimes.

Well sometimes a person will tell things about another person that are untrue or because of a personal grudge against the other person, do you take that for granted, I found this happening a lot in relationships when someone tells the one of the people involved in the relationship something about the other part, and with relationship I don't necessarily mean love relationship sometimes friendship, for example two people in a love relation broke up and one of them started having another friends and by mere chance he meets someone that knows their ex, they start of doing fine and at one point, something changes, then truth unveiled that this later person heard some stuff from the ex that is not necessarily true.

Yet they take it for granted, why don't we try to experience the other person ourselves and ask them for the truth if ever I heard something about them? same as always, some books have ugly covers or just plain covers, but when opened they have the most fascinating story ever, but people don't like to ask for the truth, they settle for hearing what they heard and judge upon it, why I never know I guess its easier.

I have been in this situation many times either heard or talked about, but if I hear I tend to face and see who says the truth, and if I'm talked about I keep quite for who deserves to know the truth needs to seek it, you want to know me ask me I shall not lie for I don't care to lie, what is anyone going to do to me if I said the truth and they didn't like it stop talking to me, well I prefer to lose someone over truth than to gain someone with lies, for those who know me they know that I say this because this is the way I am no hidden surprises nor any hidden meaning, I prefer honesty, and for those who don't know me, well you can either ask about me, ask me, or try for yourself, but if you hear something about me and you take it for granted and leave if its bad, don't think I will look back twice or try to move a muscle to get you back.

I thank God that till now I didn't face this situation recently, yet I feel somehow that many around me are hearing stuff about me, I don't care really and neither should anyone care, for I know who I am and each one of us know who he/she is, so my advice to you is believe in yourselves and don't regret losing anyone for this reason, its not worth it and they are not worth it.

Its more of an advice from my own experience, as its my opinion of a solution many might disagree and as always I respect it, but still I'm convinced that the people who hear things about me and take them for granted, as usually when people talk about each other they talk in bad way, and never bothered to ask me for the truth of my side of the story and then judge, I shan't call them friends no more, and I shan't care for their lose cause for me its a gain to know that they are not whom I thought they are, you can use my experience to learn and you may chose not to and have your own experience, I just liked to share.


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