Jordanian Woman Driver

I was with my colleagues on the roof of our company's building taking our brake when this girl tried to park a small car into a big space and failed watch the video i just had to shoot it.


Mean Dean said…
Oh hey listen, I was just in South East Asia and trust me - such comedies turn into horror flicks in a hurry when you drive in a car over there.

That said, I'll be in Jordan next month on a JTB sponsored press tour - so I'll compare then.

I mean, sure, I'm going to post the obligatory pictures of Petra - but I also want to capture some of the personality and culture you just described with the whole parking thing.

Drop me an email if you've got more like it. dean at blogjordan dot com ... or just use the form on my other technoblog associated w/my blogger a/c.
Abu Gaby said…
well not all women drivers in jordan are the same but as in ever place there are some eccentricities and this is one of them if i find more i'll post it on my blog and share it ;)
Maha said…
LOL..this is hilarious

but i shouldn't judge i rarely have to parallell park

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