Internal Inferno


The tormenting of ones soul from within, being burned in a fire of eternal fury and pain, devouring every light of hope, every sign of happiness, every sign of beauty in living, suffocating the spirit with fumes of sorrow and agony.

Such an inferno that is invisible, what does it consist of? Well for each one of us his inferno consists of his own specifics, that I cannot proclaim any knowledge of, yet I know some of the ingredients that create and give an inferno its taste, it's the endless pain running in us like a river of black blood feeding the fire to grow, flooding the shores of happiness and drowning every bit of hope, and anger slithering everywhere like a million serpents injecting their venom with every poisonous bite deeper in each born smile, convicting it to death before life.

Loneliness as an effect and a cause like a god of war, thirsty for the black blood of the river, bathing in it, drinking the venom, gaining strength, with the sadness pumping inside it, suffocating the light of any rising rebellious hope with the shadows of darkness, erasing even the thoughts, giving the eyes a blank look of a dead heart, a decaying soul, dooming ever thought of happiness that try to blossom in that garden of weed to oblivion.

And when you look around to seek the help of a friend or even a foe you find an empty space with you in the middle emitting the light of your internal inferno casting that demolished aura, that later you stop seeking for the sake that you don't burn the ones you care about, igniting an inferno in them, and you accept living in that inferno for your burned to ashes that regenerate to be burned again, for the fermentation of the inferno is now complete a like the wine you can imagine just the opposite, even tears cannot come down nor they can put of this fire.

As it is said that some day this will seize to exist for love comes in declaring war and winning it, or does it? surrender or fight? but what to fight and how? with the help of whom? maybe after the inferno devours everything death will come and cool it down granting us an easy sleep, or maybe love will cause our dead hearts to reincarnate, but yet nothing is for sure.


Anonymous said…
This is great, my band i am making is called Internal Inferno I do love this poem though!
Elia Haj Elias said…
Glad you liked it :) send me some of your music i would like to here it. if you like to use the poem tell me :)

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