For the first time in my life i feel blank, nothing, although many thoughts whirl in my mind like a million boats caught in the biggest ocean vortex ever to be seen.

yet like fast cars hitting an indestructible wall my thoughts are, shattering into a million pieces sucked up in the black hole of my own brain residing in the place a beating organ used to live.

again i feel blank nothing, why i have no reason, and its annoying to feel this way, for the thoughts cannot be caught nor transfered in conclusions and reasons, and confusion mounts over pilling up and growing to become the heaviest burden to be carried, every feeling dieing every thought shattering to be recombined again in an endless loop to be shattered again emitting with every crash more confusion thrown over the pile making it bigger.


Anonymous said…
mad as fuck i seem to be in that same situation , my brains like a box of minstrels being grabbed at by 1000 hungry kids looking for a sugar rush

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