The String Attaching Humanity

I've always wondered about how people interact between each other, what's that mysterious connection between humans? when they feel each others pain and joy, lately I came to some sort of understanding for the whole thing.

My idea about it is really simple, by asking simple questions, i came to this conclusion that maybe entirely wrong, how do we feel the presence of someone else sometimes although we don't see them or hear them? how do we know that someone is not happy although they are smiling? and how do we know that sometimes when people cry they are happy?

Well look at it this way, think of these connections as strings attached to everyone, the relation with that someone defines the strength of the string and the amount of feelings transmitted through that string, like the human body, what makes us feel that our leg hurts? a bunch of strings we call the nervous system, so the vibes of feelings and emotions are transmitted between humans through these invisible strings, the stronger the string is the more the vibes are felt, its not bound by space or distance, even the feelings of hatred and envy are transmitted by those strings.

People tend to mention these strings as hunches, or guesses of the others feelings, some are more powerful receptors than others, so in my opinion, humans are all part of a nervous system, because even in the nervous system the power of feelings transmitted has different strength, for instance pain, pain from the heart is much more powerfully felt than pain from a finger, so at the end we are nodes connected by nerves.


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