Secrets a Burden??

A secret is a word describing a truth shared between 2 people and no more this truth concerns one or the two of them, but mostly one of them, a truth that this person doesn't want anyone to know but reveals it to one person that he/she trusts.

Now i'm going to talk about myself, not that i'm a phenomenal person or anything its just how i deal with life, for me a secret is something preserved with me till death or till the person in concern chooses to reveal it, i know many secrets about a lot of people yet they are engraved in my heart, for nothing will go out, because its not my right to betray the trust I've been granted by others, they moved on with their lives knowing that their most valuable of all will remain hidden and buried.

some of the secrets i know, concern people that hurt me later on, and i could destroy their lives if these secrets go out, but the burden that comes with keeping a secret is that u have to respect it as a secret and not a weapon to use when you get hurt by the person who trusted you, even if you trusted them with secrets and they used it as weapons to hurt you, you should be better than them and be above such pitiful act of indecency.

I really don't have a clue why people tend to put trust in me, all i know is i have too many secrets in my chest and i don't mind it, for in my belief if someone trusted me with a secret he/she will be relieved and more free to be happy, and for me any secret i know will be buried with me, you may think that I'm big headed moron who thinks he is a big deal, its your choice really the people who know me, know what i am and thats enough for me :), at least this is my opinion in the matter that i force on no one, i became a treasury for hidden secrets but i'm happy because with each secret told to me i see a smile on the other persons face, a smile of relief thats beyond the burden of keeping their secret.


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