Pressure till explosion?

The pressure I'm addressing here is not the pressure of the air or the pressure of any kind of physical matter, no the kind I'm addressing is the one that is caused by humans around us, by everyday life, the pressure that causes the explosion from inside.

Yesterday i was thinking after observing for a while the pressure on me and on the people around me, how it differs from one to another, some people can handle it others can't, i saw the pressure on my friends, on my family, and on me, people have different kinds of pressure, pressure of love, or lost love, pressure of work, or not having one, pressure from family of marriage, or not liking the proposed wife or girlfriend, pressure of responsibility.

I found out that the worst kind of pressure is the one that is caused by our own emotions, and feelings, of losing, of despair, of longing, of wanting, of not wanting, of entrapment, of inability to act, to provide help to the ones we love, these kind of pressure are the worst because it comes from us upon us.

people deal with pressure differently, some relieve it with tears, some relieve it in telling others, some relieve it in anger, or transferring that pressure over a matter like a car (driving like crazy), others relieve it by yelling, and some its never relieved till they explode, some choose drinking, or taking drugs, is this the solution or just running away.

i say that we should find a way to relieve the pressure especially emotional pressure, for it is the destroyer of the human as it happened many times, and will keep happening as long as the person don't know how to relieve his/her pressure, face it, destroy it, even talk about it, just don't let it grow and become a monster inside you that one day will grow enough that it wants to be set free, and when it does an explosion is eminent and bound to happen.


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