Loosing Beyond Reach

I was just watching a movie, a fiction movie called "the bridge to terabithia" its really so rolled around the imagination of two young friends who created a world of their own, a boy and a girl.

Reaching my title, and what made me think of it, is that the two friends were outcasts and became best friends then created their own world, after a while the girl dies trying to reach that world and the boy blames himself for this, so i thought of friends and other things that get lost along the rough road of life.

How many times did we ever have friends, lovers, family that we lost, some of us lose to the shadows of death, others we lose to oblivion, to the shadows of the mind, to the hands of the monster we normally call pain, the monster that is more vicious and brutal according to the level of pain it possesses like the pain is its energy that fuels him, or we lose when the claws of separation closes upon us departing us from the ones we love.

For me i almost experienced every kind of losing that, the monster became my friend, for it mutilated my heart beyond revival, and the claws slashed me many times, some slashes in my face but most slashes in my back, till i became non-understandable, till the eyes became confusing for the message they carry, disorienting for every person who tries to read them, yet I didn't surrender, i never will.

I saw along my path of life that is filled with spikes and every kind of pain emitting creation even the beasts that causes the feelings of pain, hurt, denial, and betrayal, i saw the pain of others, the sadness of people around me, their hunt for the white stag we call happiness, or the golden phoenix that shines what we call hope, or catching and keeping the Capricorn that causes an everlasting smile, and they find the temporary of these ultimate creatures the replacement.

i even saw some that can't catch the temporary, why because they lost beyond the curtains of reachability, they lost so much in their lives and were hunted by the monsters and beasts of pain and hurt rather than being the hunter, thats why at each cross path between me and these people and friends i try to give them happiness and smiles as much as i can and as much as they accept, some reject for thinking that i seek something for me, some reject out of fear, and a lot accept it which makes it worth while and gives me happiness and smiles in return.

i learned that no matter how many monsters dig their claws deep into us we can still find and hunt the creatures of happiness and hope and smile by keeping up the look out for them and keeping our hearts light ;) like the trees they lose their leaves in the fall but they wait till the spring to grow them up again.


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