Life Is Like Drifting

We all know what life means, but a lot of us doesn't know what drifting means, it means causing the car to loose grip on the road (whether by pulling the hand breaks or by other methods) in order to make it slide, then regain control over the car and correct its path.

How is life similar to drifting, well drifting has a high risk proportion attached to it, so as in life, when we make a choice in life we are risking something, we are losing control to gain a better grip on our lives, so imagine life as a car, and you hit a turn that you want to go fast in it, the turn is a problem or a decision you need to make, well as you're turning or making the decision, your loosing control on the car and the car is sliding, if you know what you're doing then the slide will go perfect, and you'll enjoy every bit of that drift.

But if along the way you took the steering wheel more to one side than necessary then you'll lose control, and the fabulously started drift will become an accident, or a crash, yet even though we loose control sometimes, we still struggle to gain it back, sometimes the struggle will cause the problem to magnify and sometimes it works, there are no guarantees nor safe side, even if you are the best drifter or the wisest problem solver, things could go out of control.

Sometimes the best of drifts that goes bad (same as decisions that result in unwanted results) are best solved when we let go of it and loosen your foot of the gas but not breaking for you already took the decision there is no baking off, if you break the car will spin and there is endless possibilities for what could happen, same as trying to retreat from a decision you already took, there are no guarantees.

That's why I like to say that life is like drifting joyous when it goes smooth, hell when you lose control.


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