IPhone Till When


Today I heard that Apple has announced the launch of IPhone in Europe but as done with the American distribution of the phone Apple new European distribution is locked to O2 networks only, which will limit its availability even in Europe itself, as O2 is present in the UK mainly, and what's more ironic is that this time the IPhone is sold at higher price than the American version of the phone.

And of the rumors that the European version of the phone will have 3G capabilities is just as it is a rumor, what's more to the scoop is that all Unlocked IPhones are warranty void, even if its done through software unlocking, so all this IPhones for sale with international warranty is just another words in the blue, if its unlocked it has no warranty, so you buy it on your own risk.

Although the unlocking of the IPhone speeded up the distribution of the phone in other continents than the American, it did not do good to persuade apple to provide an unlocked version of the phone, and the increase of the price of the European version will lead us to a conclusion that the unlocked IPhone will be even more expensive than its European version.

so for this the question remains to apple, till when will this continue? rumors has it that the middle east and other parts of the world will be getting the IPhone in Q1 2008, yet as it is again still a rumor and there is nothing for sure.


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