The hidden chest

As all pirate stories, it always talks about the hidden treasure chest, the one protected by curses and all kinds of protections that are imaginary and unreal.

the chest within me, as many have, is a chest of treasures that many wish to obtain, secrets about people, my own untold feelings that no person knows, secrets beyond imagination that tales could be told just by the key, imagine what is found by opening the door.

for this a little poem is told, unfolding the mystery that chest behold

curses protecting the gold, yet what's hidden is no gold

as many tried to reach the chest of no gold, blood filled the path of which is told

pain and suffering the seeker behold, for with this treasure agony is sold

find it the seeker will find it but with a burden old, for the key in death is rolled

for this chest carries secrets so cold, that who opens it his tongue is fold

the secrets within are more precious than gold, for only pure souls are the ones the secrets are told

after this I say that the chest is heavy and suffocating yet its my chest and will be carried with me, for one day the chest I'm going to lose, because help will be by my side, not help of hand but help of soul and heart that long has died, and in oblivion had cried.

yet again a smile I spread to anyone I can, to this world with a tear of cry we come and from this world a smile of heart we depart, so I spread the smiles no matter that I'm a chest that is soldered without a key to open, I carry the pain and in a smile I replace it, so keep smiling, life goes one and the remaining is just memories that if good missed they are and if bad good radiance they shall be.

I find it weird that life reared and time has come when again I am, can't say anything for in me they should remain, no declarations of love or pain, life goes on and the chest closed shall remain.


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