Exchanging Hearts

When we fall in love and I haven't in quite a while now, what do we really do? I think of it as exchanging hearts, love is a powerful feeling that controls the life of many people.

What I mean by exchanging hearts is a trade, you give your mate your heart and he/she gives you his/hers, and you live through that new heart that pumps you with love and intimacy and longing and all the beautiful dreamy feelings that most of us don't believe in anymore.

Why we don't believe in these feelings anymore because they died in us with the last heart that was given to us, for when we no longer have love to nourish and strengthen the heart given to us or the one we give, it will die and with it all the beautiful dreams and beliefs of better tomorrow dies.

We all been though this exchange, we all lost hearts to people we thought that deserved the trade, people who gave us back our hearts mutilated beyond repair, beyond use, that we got rid of them, but do we really lose everything when a heart dies, well in my opinion we don't, actually with each new love a seed is planted in each two individuals that grows into a new heart with new feelings of love.

Some may argue the theory of true love, and when its gone that no new can grow instead, well do we really know that this was my true love, some people find their true love, some wait a while longer, some never find it, so that's why we keep exchanging hearts, not all the hearts we were given fit us and not all the hearts we gave fit the people we give them to, do we stop, I don't think so we should keep giving our hearts for the people we think might be suitable for them and receive new hearts in return, and one day our heart will fit in some place and the others heart will fit in ours, you might tell me that sometimes one of the two fit, I ask you is that a fare trade?

Well no its not, so I advice everyone to keep trading hearts for some day a heart will fit, and any heart that is used once can never be used again, just give it a chance again and again, never lose hope for what is true love except two hearts exchanged and fit the new beholder ;).


Anonymous said…
i have a question... with exchanging hearts does the giver have to be dead?? or can both people be alive and exchange?

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