Whom To Blame?

Blaming an act we always do when problems happen or when things go wrong, I was wondering on whom the blame falls it’s a weird thing to think about it really.

Many situations happen to us, and we tend to blame others most of the time because it’s really easier to blame other people than to blame ones self, because it’s easier to forgive other people than to forgive once self really.

When we blame others for anything whether it’s their fault or not, we relax chill because we feel secure from the error that happened, do we really? Doesn’t that nagging question keep popping into our heads why? its most awful when your planning for something and the plan at one point goes astray and breaks apart like falling on a nicely built Lego castle, we start looking for someone to throw the blame on, to say its his or her fault not mine.

the other choice is harder, taking the blame although sometimes its not our fault, some people take the blame and carry it over their shoulder, to protect others or because its really their fault, then we start agonizing ourselves with the same heavy question that feels like a rock getting heavier every time its being asked WHY?

well for me as a personal opinion I know its harder to forgive ones self for faults and easier to forgive others so mostly we tend to blame others, but some people tend to blame themselves all the time, don't, its not always your fault, for this I hate to blame or be blamed.


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