iPhone will it be Available??

For a while now I've been possessed with the idea of buying the iPhone since I saw it a few days ago at a mobile dealer for my surprise unlocked which means it can accept any sim card although it was overpriced 750 jds (almost 1035$) it was fascinating to work on it and to have it in my hand.

What surprised me really that it was unlocked as I know that Apple distributed it on contract bases with AT&T only and its locked to AT&T network, well it was bound to happen eventually that the iPhone will be activated for any sim and since day one a lot of geniuses are trying to crack its lock.

My finding of such a device unlocked lead me to search for the ways to unlock it, because if I found a way then i would simply buy one for its true price which is around 650$ and unlock it, I found that still the way to unlock it is complex and the best one is using hardware unlocking method which requires opening your iPhone and soldering on the board and some IC and afterwards some software unlocking, which any mistake will result of your iPhone having the dustbin as its home for the rest of its life.

a couple of sites referred to the possibility to activate the phone in other ways but still its not 100% working so at the end i ask when is apple going to release an unlocked version of the iPhone for the rest of the world.


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