Special thanks to a friend

in this note i write for the first time a real thanks to one friend as much as i wish that he is still there or that he ever existed till now i didn't find him, and here is what i think he should be like.

in my hour of need i found him there waiting to give me a hand without asking me anything in return, he stood by me and gave me what no one gave and also without asking return :)

when everyone left me and i was sorrownded by darkness and pain "nothing i didn get used to" but still he came defied everything and pulled me out gave me light gave me stringth even when everyone cursed me and said of me ill he stood there knowing the friend he had and never doubted me.

for this person i call brother my life and soul are cheap because his help to me was unconditional and pure with no gain, this is a friend when u sit down and think of what everyone wants and u find this one person that he didn want anything but happiness for me, you get preplexed are there still people in this world like this?

and the most thing that i thank him for that he is still there helping me for u my brother a thank you is not enough and what u did and are doing for me is a debt in my neck that i will repay u for it one day no matter what :)

Thank you Again i don't need to say ur name coz u know who u r and i write this note, being so far away but not forgetting.


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