Sorrows Within

Well i was thinking last night before i sleep of the world around us and people in it and relationships and the feelings each one is hiding inside, and i thought i would write it down.

well for each and everyone of us there is a deep pain a secret hiding under the dusts of day to day life, and if someone tries to dust it out or gets near it fear shows its ugly face and makes us hide.

everyone of us have his own hidden pain that he/she is afraid to reveal, and each one of us thinks that their pain is the greatest because its his, he is feeling it, yet when we look at others and dwell deep inside them dusting we find that what pain we had is nothing or maybe greater than what the others have.

but for each his pain is the greatest because he can't feel the pain of others, yet the same situation happening to two people, both will react to it in different ways, even the amount of pain will vary, so i think we can't judge people's pains based on that i have greater pain, instead we should support and help these people if we can.

don't use the words, you don't know what i'm feeling ofcourse he doesn't, and don't underestimate the pain of others for u it might be nothing for them its everything.


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