Sacrifices a word that just popped into my head with many thoughts accompanied by it, so i closed my eyes for a bit, and organized these thoughts and started taking each one, and looking through it, they were like holes in the wall of nonrecognition.

a sacrifice is rarely recognized by others, so when i look at sacrifices i see them as an alterations to ones self for another person of whom we value up to the edge of choosing to do things we don't usually do for this persons benefit, for his happiness, for what we see that deserves this sacrifice, that makes us willing to take out sometimes our most valued, and crush it at this persons feet, its like when gentlemen in the old days used to use their coats to put over water in the streets for the ladies to walk over and not get dirty water on their feet.

Sacrifices are the coats that cover the dirty water which is the pains, and hurting of this world, so that this person wont be touched by it, sacrifices are done without bias, without the notion "what do i get out from it" they can reach the verge of offering ones life for a smile to be drawn in another persons lips, yet sacrifices have one foundation love, love for the other is the power of making a sacrifice.

nonrecognition often happens when sacrifices are made, although we do sacrifice for the sake of the sacrifice but often causes pain when we sacrifice and no recognition occurs and sometimes even blame, but we must never think that we laid our coats for nothing, because in the end our conscious is clear and we feel content.

on a personal level i know i sacrifices a lot and dug many holes in the wall of nonrecognition but i feel content and willing to do it again, but I'm not stupid not to learn from my mistakes, i know when people deserve it and when they don't now, take a look below and read it, this represents what i mean.

sometimes people don't deserve our sacrifices but never regret it ;)


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