Revenge Shall It Be Taken or Not

Revenge a word that each day many of us think about and want to do, a word and an act born from hurt not hatred which sometimes plays a role in revenge, because revenge is all about making the other person feel the pain they caused us.

to gain revenge is hard, not many can master getting revenge and many ends up being hurt more, for revenge is a dish best served cold, which means revenge is sweeter while it takes time.

but the real question is to take revenge at someone or forgive and let go? its hard to choose between the two for to take revenge gives us satisfaction but the real problem is in revenge there is no regrets or remorse for the pain you will cause, for u have to rid of all ur feelings, and keep remembering the hurt and the pain that u need to satisfy, some tend to think revenge is taken by physical means, for me revenge is taken by hurting the other person in his thoughts, by letting him/her think and dwell and drown in the sea of unanswered questions why,when,... often the person being revenged from will become to hate the person taking the revenge, so is it worth it?

to forgive and let go is hard because the pain haven't been satisfied like a thirsty man who sees water in front of him but as much as he drinks his thirst is still there, but eventually it is, and another kind of happiness will fill him the happiness of a clear conscious, being content, and leaving it to life and God to give him back the price of his pain and enduring that pain, it may not be pain for others but a reward for you, but can we endure it?

we may have the power to destroy in our revenge and others may think that we are not going to do it because they think they know us, but no one knows for real whats hidden inside will the victory be for the pain or for the forgiveness, no one knows its a battle, one of the battles between the logical mind and the dreamy heart.


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