Regret or NOT?

Regret is a word we use when we think of an unwanted past, that we wish we could change, this is regret, remorse, the torturing of one's self for the past.

I was thinking of this word, i imagine regret as a torturer with its big whip, but not any torturer one of our own creation, to hurt ourselves for a mistake, or a wrong done long time ago, but yet we figured it for being wrong recently.

I wonder if its wrong now, and we regret doing it, wasn't it wrong then?? well the answer is no its not wrong then, because we enjoyed it, we lived it, and it had its beautiful taste, but wrong now because its causing us to think the question with no answer WHY, there is no why, it just happened.

for this i say never regret, don't create your own torturer, look at the past and think of it as experiences you learned from, and there are no regrets in learning, a person with no regrets is a happy one, i stopped regretting a long time ago, i have no regrets for anything, because i learned, maybe it was a hard lesson but at the end i learned it.

life is beautiful but if we dwell in the past too much, our lives become nothing, live it to the max, don't regret anything, be spontaneous, just go for it, reach the edge and jump, risk it, but never ever regret it, this is what i do, and this is what i learned the hard way, i risk everything, for i know that i will not regret it, because i feel the joy ;) these are just my own thoughts, off course every one has his own, but for me, this is it.


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