Our Eyes And What Hides Behind the unspoken language

Today I was in a discussion with a friend of mine about the people's eyes and what they hide behind them, feelings, truth, lies and all the rest of what is hidden inside the depth of one's soul and heart and thought, so I kept thinking about the subject and here I am again writing my thoughts of the subject.

in my own beliefs the eyes of the person are the portal to his soul, the naked truth behind the protective field, the shell of which each person build as protection from the outside world, to protect his inside feelings and thoughts, this little organ that we often see in it what cannot be put in words, sorrows and happiness.

our eyes are the first thing in us that gives us away, that explode our emotions of happiness or of sadness or pain, they give away if someone lies or if someone is saying the truth, they give away our true feelings, for instance and to take a positive energy example, laughter, how can we be sure that when someone laughs its true that deep down he is not crying, look into his eyes try to understand what they tell you, because if the laughter is true and genuine the eyes will be laughing exposing the warmth of joy, and sending it in every direction.

I was told that its hard to look me in the eyes for my eyes are confusing for what they carry in them is so mixed and complicated that people get lost trying to analyze what they are trying to say, yet there is another reason that also was told to me by a dear friend of mine why direct contact to my eyes was hard, because this friend felt like he/she doesn't need to say what the hidden feelings are, and if he/she wanted to hide these feelings from me he/she needed to look away from me, I'm no psychologist nor do I think myself as being with this power of penetrating people's minds, nor do I claim that I know how to read what’s behind the gates of the soul.

I learned the language of the eyes the hard way a long time ago, for I didn't want to be deceived, and then I knew while learning the language that its not learned but its felt then transformed into understanding, we all have this gift, but as we tell a friend for advice when he/she is not comprehending a situation while they still are looking at it, Open Your Eyes, people chose not to understand this language, because it often involve us into others sorrows pains as much as happiness and everyone thinks I have enough for my own, but after I learned to open my eyes, I knew it was the greatest thing I did for I can help others, without putting them in a situation where they cannot say what they feel.

each one of us has his own pain and happiness and joy and sadness that we think that no one is like us that we are lonely in carrying this feeling, yet we know that many are facing more hideous troubles than we are, people are afraid to open their eyes, yet at some point they'll understand that what makes us understand these feelings in my opinion is a reflection of our own feelings in the eyes of our friends or enemies, if we understand this reflection that when it hits the eyes of the opposite gets transformed to reveal what is hidden, then we know how to speak with our eyes, its like our feelings when they hit this wall they conjure a password to open the secret door to the depth of the truth.


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