The Old Days (My Life In Brief) Vol. 1

Well here is the story of my life in brief so that who doesn't know me and want to know me better this may help ;)

the first thirteen years of my life were bumpy sometimes smooth and other times as going off road in a clumsy car after that the first change in my life happened i meet a girl, she was cute and really had guts, she came to me and told me she liked me so i liked that in her the braveness and we hit it for 4 months after that i don't know what happened but the relation sort of lost it by itself, ofcourse at that time there was nothing called love and life sort of sorted itself here and there.

i kept in the same path short term relationships that ends in friendship so at that time i didn know that i was drifting to a place were darkness was dominant i didn't see it because the path in front of me was lighted with a lot of beautiful things that i didn look ahead.

after that along this road of pain as i came to see afterwards, at 16 i meet a girl and stayed with her about 2 years but saw here for about a month in those 2 years lool more of a phone relationship this one ended in a way that was so peculiar to me suddenly the girl wanted out when i asked why she said ohh elia i can't stay in commitment like this so i told her sure we can still be friends, at that time it didn mean much to break a relation i was young and i knew that puppy love doesn't last, well here came the first big spot of darkness in my life,

two weeks pass i get a call from her, i answered, it was her telling me elia i want u back i can't live without u i love u, so i told her i have my conditions, she tells me what, i tell her lsn the stupidness of kidding around and laughing with guys alone is a "no", this time u broke up with me if this happens again there is no return, she agreed and we talked it was like nothing have happened.

next day sh called me told me there was a guy bothering her and calling her told her gime the number, took it called the guy, ended the subject,saw her next week, was in my friends car, she came said hi, hug, kiss usual hi, after that my friend was supposed to give us a ride so as i was beside her i held her hand she removed it this perplexed me, so when we reached to the place we're going to i took her aside and asked her what the hell is the problem she told me the words elia we agreed to love each other but stay friends, i said what so all the talk u said last week was just to get rid of the guy that was bothering u, so i told her this doesn't fit me i warned u before there is no second time ciao and i went in and slammed the door.

at this phase i felt used so i stopped talking to her, even saying hi. here in that place of darkness and pain i was going deeper but still not noticing it, after that was about 18, tawjihi + Hamaleh flunked math, life became hell, i was now in a spot of ultimate darkness that i couldn't see anymore, passed it the second time and went to study in eygpt, at this point the darkness was turning into grayness and i could see again.

To be Continued in Vol 2

Ofcourse this is the really short version removed a lot of the fights from it


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