Love, Forgiveness, Dignity in Love, denial, and Hiding

I read so many notes and comments today that it made me think of some issues, and here is what i was thinking sharing it with you.

Love the number one issue in all humans and the questions that ponders each ones mind and soul when they feel it, is he/she the one? how am i going to make sure if he/she is? is this real? or is it just a fantasy i'm living? a great writer i meet recently simplified one of the effects of love in a note she wrote that when your in true love there is a bond between the two lovers invisible bond that makes us feel the others sadness, happiness, pain without the need of verbal or visual communication, and even further she wrote that this bond generates some sort of visualization to us that we see the our loves image when we wake up in the morning or before we sleep at night without the need to hold the photo of the other person because its imprinted in our brains.

well to add to this we know real love when we find the comfort between the others hands, a comfort not like the one of a mother holding a child but another kind a kind that makes u relaxed without him/her talking just by holding u, running their fingers through ur hair, giving you a gentle kiss that makes u feel that everything is going to be just fine.

Forgiveness is tied directly to love because when u love another person u love him for his goods and bads, even u don't try to change him/her and u forgive his/her bads when they occur even the worst of all is forgiven, and u forget it, the only forgiveness a person can't give or finds hard to give is to forgive himself but when there is a loved one around forgiveness becomes easy.

There is no such thing as dignity in love, only stupid people say my dignity is higher than my love, because if its so then u didn't love in the first place, even betrayal can be forgiven, love is the power behind every beautiful thing thats why everything built on love flourish and blossoms and lasts for a long time, like building a castle on rocks it will face everything, and building on hate or no love or some evil scheme is like building on sand the easiest wind will blow it away.

denial is the result of fear, fear of the unknown not wanting to risk it so i deny it and hid not to face it, its like when a little kid does something wrong he hides and when his mom asks did u do it he denies same thing here and since i'm talking about love i'm going to connect them together denial in love?? weird why deny love, for many reason fear of commitment, wanting to live in the realm of the momentum of happiness away from love, in the glare of fragile moments of evaporating happiness, the reason never end but because love is powerful we can't face it, so we hide, behind the illusions of the same mirage of happiness, then when its gone we wake up to find the loneliness because we got too attached to whats not real that we lost whats real in the process.

so if we find love can we give it a chance? can we forgive and wait on fragile hopes? that may not come true, that maybe just what they are hopes. well to tell the truth we should so that when these hopes are gone, doesn't come a day when we say to ourselves in blame i didn't try hard enough, or its all my fault for dumping it, but not many can tolerate and not many have the patience.


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