"LOKI" The New Hot Spot In Amman

Well this is my humble opinion of LOKI the new place in town, I'm no professional critic but I go to many places and I can compare between them, and here is my opinion of LOKI.

When me and my friend first parked our car for the valet I looked at the place from the outside I saw two bouncers on the door, I thought what I feel like I’m entering one of those clubs that we see in the movies, humph I wondered how it is from the inside.

I dashed into the place after the bouncer checked my invitation, and I was totally stunned at the view, as soon as you enter you feel the friendly atmosphere of the place, I went and caught my friend who sent me the invitation, and he introduced me to one of the owners of the place, here I get my second surprise from the friendly welcoming from the owner that makes you feel an owner yourself rather than just a customer well after a little chit chat with the owner we headed to the bar found a couple of stools and sat down, ordered our drinks.

then I started taking in the place more clearly, I found it different than other places, the ones I usually go to, and I became a frequent customer of many places lately, so what I noticed about Loki and it was really relaxing the friendly atmosphere of the place although not many sitting down and most people are standing up you feel like your in a private party which benefits that you can know different people without being misunderstood, the next thing I noticed about Loki is that it made me feel like I’m not in Amman or in Jordan I’m in another place don't know where but a beautiful place, it has outdoors as well as indoors ;)

as we drank our drinks I noticed that Loki can be described as a high class casual day to day club that you can crash it for relaxation, or if you need a friendly atmosphere to chill and laugh, every face I saw there had a broad smile on it, the most peculiar yet really wonderful thing and which makes the air more friendly at Loki is when the bell rang, one of the waiters needed to announce that someone is blocking the road with his car and needs to move it so he got on the bar, literally on it and rang a bell and announced the problem, open communication that’s the best thing at Loki you feel free to communicate and make new friends with no burden of being rejected or anything, the next thing I liked about Loki is the normal level of volume on the music you can enjoy the tune yet you can also hear your friend talking no need to shout.

what I think Loki should have next is more variety of drinks or the time of its happy hour ;) which I think will be available in the near future because of the opening and all, well I’m going to become a customer there so if you read this post I hope to see you there and enjoy our time together tell further notices about Loki or any new places, my recommendations is if you didn't get the chance to go there its your chance now there is no reservations at Loki so hurry up first come first served ;)

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